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If you do not yet have a place to stay, you can search here for offers made by private providers. Please note that we only provide information through the given data base. If you are interested in an advert, please refer to the contact person listed in the advertisement.

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Private housing


For offers made by private individuals

As a lessor you can upload adverts free of charge for your private rental property. New offers only appear after updating the page - not directly after entering it, so do not be confused if your advert does not appear straight away.

Important information: as soon as your entered offer has been rented, please make sure to delete your advert. This ensures the adverts on the website are up to date. Not to mention you will be saving yourself and everyone else time and unnecessary telephone calls.

Due to technical circumstances, disruptions in the availability of the online portal outside contact hours can occur. The Studentenwerk is not liable for the permanent availability of the online portal.

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