Collection of Links for International Students

in German, English, and Spanish

Overview of universities in Germany, courses of study, application and admission, bachelor and master courses, language courses, work rights and rights of residency, and financial questions.

in German, English, Spanish, Chinese and Russian

Information on studying and living in Germany, search engines for universities and study programmes, pictures of over 150 university cities in Germany, information about cultural orientation (work, food, parties, attire, leisure time etc.)

in German und English

Information about all officially approved universities in Germany, courses of study, promotion possibilities, and international cooperations with German universities.

In German, English, Arabic, Chinese, French, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Serbo-Croatian, Spanish, Turkish, Hungarian

Central organisation for processing student applications for over 50 German universities.

in German und English

Information about German language courses and world wide cultural education.

in German

Information on language courses for study preparation and entrance examinations for the German language exam (DSH) in Germany.

in German

The federal association for international students advocates for the interests of international students in Germany

in Germany

World University Service Germany is an international community of students, teachers, and employees in the education sector. It offers seminars and information on education and developmental policy issues.

Here you can find information about the rights of stay and work labour law for international students.

Links and information for the internationalisation of universities

Basic information

The annual HIS-data report on the internationalisation of studying and university.

The German University Consortium Gate offers services in areas such as international university marketing for universities and scientific organisations.

Legislative texts and further information about current legislation for laws concerning foreigners.

Information on Europe