The Ucard – the cashless payment system

Die U-Card des Studentenwerks
The Ucard - the cashless payment system

Why do I need a Ucard?

The Ucard can be used to pay without cash in all dining facilities of the Studentenwerk. In some of the residences the card is used as a locking key. Furthermore, you can use the Ucard to print and copy on all the University’s equipment - and you will need it to borrow books from the library. However, this function has to be registered separately in the University Library.

By the way, on YouTube there is a video which explains how to use the card:


Here is where you can obtain a Ucard:

  • At the Info-Point in Studentenhaus at Erlenring 5 between 11.30 a.m. and 2.15 p.m. (semester break: 12.00 p.m. until 2.00 p.m.)
  • the cash desk at the Mensa Lahnberge
  • In the cafeteria at the student’s centre on the Lahnberge
  • In Mo’s Diner on the Lahnberge
  • In Cafe Leonardo in the Biegenstraße
  • In the Bistro at the Studentenhaus in the Biegenstraße
  • In the Bistro at the Studentenhaus at Erlenring
  • In the University Library and in CoLibri

You receive a you card in exchange of a deposit of 5 euros.

To pay without cash you must have credit on your card.


There are many possibilities to recharge your Ucard:

  • At one of the card charging machines in Studentenhaus at Erlenring or in the Mensa Lahnberge
  • At the cash register in the Cafeterias and at the Mensa Mobil
  • At the cash register in the Mensa Erlenring and Mensa Erlenring.
  • At the card charging machines in the Savignyhaus, Universitätsstraße 6
  • At the charging machines in the biology department, Karl-von-Frisch-Str. 8
  • At the charging machines in the University Library, Deutschhausstraße 9
  • At the charging machines in department of humanities, Wilhelm-Röpke-Straße 6
  • Or just quick and easy via Uload!


What is Uload and why should I register for this? 

With the Uload function you give a direct debit authorisation for your private bank account (SEPA/LSV). As soon as the credit on your Ucard falls under 5 euros, your card will be uploaded at the cash registers in the Studentenwerk. At the cash registers you will be asked if you wish to recharge. This way your card always has enough credit. The fixed amount for the minimal amount of credit that can be recharged is 10 euros or 20 euros. With the cashless Uload payment method, paying at the Mensas and cafeterias is quick, safe, and easy. This way you don’t need to worry about having too little credit on your Ucard in our Mensas and cafeterias.


Where and how can I activate my Ucard for this function?

The application for Uload is easy: you just have to activate your card once. The best way to do this is when you receive your Ucard for the first time (first semester students, or anytime you are at the Infopoint in CoLibri, the library, or at cashier no. 1 at the Mensa Lahnberge. With this activation you agree to a “SEPA direct debit mandate". For this function you will need to show your Ucard and EC card. After this you can use your Ucard straight away for cashless payments.

If you no longer need your Ucard, return it to the Infopoint during opening hours. Here you will receive the leftover credit, and the deposit for the card will be transferred back onto your bank account.


Where and how can I recharge my Ucard?

The cashless recharge can be made at all cash registers of the Studentenwerk and at the cash registers in the University Library. For security reasons the automatic recharge at the cash registers is only possible once a day.


Can international students use Uload too?

Currently the Uload activation is only possible for bank account holders at a credit institution in Germany.


Is a cash recharge still possible?

The Uload activation is, of course, voluntary. If you do not decide to activate the Uload function, you can still recharge your Ucard at the usual cash registers as well as at the card charging machines with cash. By the way: you can still recharge your Ucard with cash even if you have registered for the Uload function.


What happens with my data?

On the Ucard from Studentenwerk Marburg no personal details such as name, birthday, or address are saved.

Linked to the card are only the details from the direct debit authorisation that are needed for the recharge function. No other details will be saved by the Studentenwerk. The Data Protection Law from the state of Hessen is strictly adhered to here.


What to do if you lose your card?

If you have lost your Ucard, please refer to the Inforpoint at the Mensa Erlenring and make sure to block your bank account details.

Refund your card balance: after a waiting period of about 2 weeks you can receive the transferred credit onto your bank account. For this transfer, please fill out the form “Guthabenerstattung” (return of credit) and hand this into the Infopoint at the Mensa Erlenring.

Please note that the return of credit for lost cards, even if they are found again, is not possible.


What to do if my card is blocked due to a backlog in payments?

By paying back the credit the card can be unblocked. This is possible at all cash registers at the Mensas and cafeterias of the Studentenwerk, however, only with cash. A backlog of payments happens in the following way: if you recharge your card via Uload, the amount is taken from your bank account by direct debit. It may be that your bank decides to refuse the collection of money for different reasons. For this your bank and the bank of the Studentenwerk Marburg will charge a fee. The outstanding payments include the amount of the recharge and the fees.


How can I cancel the Uload function?

You decide how long you wish to use the Uload function. You can cancel the Uload function at the same cash registers you used to sign up for it.


Who can answer my questions about Uload?

If you have any further questions/critique about Uload and the cashless payment system, please send a short message to


Where can I return my Ucard?

If you are finished with your studies and you no longer need the Ucard, you can return the card to the following places:

Kasse Infopoint


Mensa Lahnberge