How expensive is an apartment / single room with the studentenwerk Marburg.

The rent price for a classic, fully furnished single room is currently at approx. 180 € - 250 € (incl. all other costs). A single apartment costs around 230 € - approx. 320 €.

When can I apply for a place of residence?

An application is possible at any time. The verification of matriculation at the Philipps-Universität Marburg must be documented before the move-in date. Exception: different deadlines apply for the service package for international students.

How can I apply for a housing residence?

To apply for a housing residence you first have to fill out the online application form and save this. Applications made by persons with disabilities can send medical certificates via post or email to wohnen@studentenwerk-marburg.de.

Can I make changes on my application afterwards?

Yes, a change in your application with regard to the requested living situation or the requested housing residence is possible at any time either by telephone or via email.

Is it possible for two people to live together in a single room or in a single apartment?


How do I get a telephone connection in my room?

As long as a telephone socket is available, a connection through a provider of your choice can be activated. One exception is at the Konrad-Biesalski House in which a telephone system has already been installed. In this residence every single room has a telephone connection with a set number already.

How do I pay the deposit?

The deposit must be paid at the beginning of the lease with the first rent.

What residences have internet connection?

There is an internet connection in the Studentendorf (exception: Carl-Ludwig House), in the Schlosswohnheime (exception: Forsthof), as well as in Wehrda and in the Karl-Egermann House. In all other residences you can get a fee-based internet connection with a private provider.