Blick auf die Karl Egermann Häuser
Fuchspaß 28, 32, 36

Fuchspaß 28, 32, 36
All in all 268 living spaces and 122 parking spaces

Construction year: 1976; renovation: 1993; modernisation: 1994/1995

House A: 94 single rooms
House B: 81 single rooms
House C: 93 single rooms
Rent: 258,00 €
Deposit: 170,00 €
Room sizes: 14 m²

Interesting Facts

In the summer of 1993, all three main houses underwent extensive renovations. The heating supply was switched from electricity to natural gas power, allowing for a more environmentally friendly energy supply to all buildings.

Rainwater is collected via the flat roofs, which then runs into a cistern. The rainwater flows out of the cistern and into the toilet tanks in house A, so that approx. 50% of the drinking water, which is often used to flush toilets, is saved.

Thanks to this technology, additional expenses have been reduced significantly.



  • All rooms are fully furnished
  • Cable connection incl. Internet
  • Telephone connection
  • Washbasin with cold and warm water in each room
  • Large communal kitchen on each floor
  • Shared sanitary facilities on each half of the floor
  • Bicycle cellar

Washing machine and dryer