How do I apply online for a place to stay?

By clicking on the red button, you will open the online application form. After you have filled out the form and sent it off, you will receive an email with a confirmation link to verify your application. Once your application is verified, it will be activated and you will be placed on a waiting list.

If you do not receive a room offer from Studentenwerk shortly before the contract starts, please notify us so that we know your application is still valid for a later move-in date.

Online applications from current tenants will not be considered. Requests to move can only be communicated by telephone or e-mail!

Would you like to increase your chances for receiving a place in a room? Then

  • Apply early - an application can be made without an existing study certificate
  • List several residences on your application form
  • Select a number of living situations - the waiting time for single apartments is about one year
  • Allow the time of your move-in date to be changed manually, provided you have not received a rental offer up until the planned move-in date.
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