FAQ Living & Corona

Please be sure to note:
If you are officially quarantined by the Health Department, please notify Student Services immediately at Tele.: 06421 / 296-141 or 0163-7666230.

Important: If you have tested positive for Covid 19, please do not return to your dormitory until you have contacted us. This is the only way we can work with you to find a way that both you and your roommates will continue to be safe and well housed.

  • Mouth/nose protection must continue to be worn in the common areas.
  • Please take advantage of the offer to be tested on a regular basis.
  • Please take advantage of the offer to be vaccinated.
  • Please follow the usual hygiene rules (washing your hands, keeping your distance, ventilation).
  • Take good care of yourself and behave considerately towards other people!


I am an exchange student from abroad and live in a student dormitory. Because of the pandemic, I have decided to fly back to my home country. This is a completely official decision by the university and me. But unfortunately my dormitory contract runs longer. Do I have to interrupt or cancel the contract?
You are welcome to travel back to your home country. For the time being, your rental contract will continue until the specified date and can be terminated according to the agreed deadlines. Please inform the dormitory administration of your Studentenwerk.


My rental contract with the Studentenenwerk ends because I wanted to move out/leave. Due to the current situation, I am now staying at the university location after all and continuing to study as best I can. However, my room has now been sublet. Can I keep the room now? Or will I get another room? Can I move to another dormitory?
If the room has already been sublet, you cannot stay in your room because there is a legal lease for the room. Please reapply to your Studentenwerk and, after your application has been confirmed, speak with the housing administrator in charge. It may well be that rooms are still available in the dormitories of the Studenten- und Studierendenwerke due to the cancellation of other students. However, whether a seamless occupancy is possible - or possibly a little later - cannot be guaranteed at this time.


I have cancelled my place in a dormitory at the Studentenwerk and actually have to move out next week. Now I am sick with Covid-19, or I am under quarantine. Do I have to move out?
No. In this situation, no student or student union can or will require you to vacate your apartment! Even now, the following already applies in enforcement law: the tenant's right to physical integrity has priority over the eviction interest of the owner/landlord. Since all people are called upon to act in solidarity and drastically reduce contacts, the tenant cannot be required to move out - even to protect others.


My neighbor is sick with Covid-19. Can I reduce the rent?
No. The illness of a roommate or neighbor does not constitute a defect in the rental property and thus no reason to reduce the rent.


My student funding has gone away, the college is closed, my dorm room is very small, and I can no longer meet with friends. Additionally, the Corona pandemic scares me. Who can I turn to with my worries and fears?
The Studentenwerk Marburg has a psychological counseling center. Here you can talk anonymously and free of charge about your worries and needs. Make an appointment.


I am an international student and want to find out about a possible trip home. Where can I do this?
Please contact your German university before you plan to travel home. If you live in a student dormitory, please also contact the dormitory administration of the Studenten- und Studierendenwerk. The Foreign Office of the German Federal Government provides regular information about current travel and security advices:  https://www.auswaertiges-amt.de/de/ReiseUndSicherheit/reise-und-sicherheitshinweise

The embassy/consulate of your home country in Germany will also inform you: https://www.auswaertiges-amt.de/de/ReiseUndSicherheit/vertretungen-anderer-staaten