General tips on looking for a place to stay

  • Start your search for a place to stay early
  • Expect that the search for a room will take up a large amount of your time
  • Remember that housing at the beginning of the winter semester is in high demand.Therefore, the demand for student housing at the beginning of the semester is at its highest.
  • When looking for a place to live on the housing market, look for housing advertisements in the “Marburger Tagespresse” (Marburg daily press), in the internet for housing associations, or on online housing exchange websites. Also look at the bulletin board in student housing or search for places to stay at out private room exchange.
  • Remember: for the social housing at Ritterstraße 13, Gutenbergstraße 31, and Hasenherne you will need a certificate of eligibility for social housing. You can apply for this certificate here, and it must be handed in before closing a lease agreement!
  • Make sure to research the different rent prices and compare them. Look at what the price is referring to, for example, the rent in cold rent / net rent, or the gros warm rent. Usually a security deposit has to be paid beforehand.
  • Also plan extra fixed costs (e.g. telephone, internet, insurance). Of course, you can also contact a real estate agent. But be careful; agents charge about two months rent. Make sure to ask beforehand about the financial costs. Furthermore, it is also important to know that most living spaces on the free housing market are, unlike the offers from the Studentenwerk, usually not furnished. Therefore, you should plan extra costs for furniture for these places.