Mensa Mobil

Das Mensamobil steht vor der alten UB

Breakfast doesn’t quite make it to your bed, but at least to the university sites that are further away from the centre of the city. This way you can rely on our continuous high quality and affordable prices.

We offer fresh coffee, scrumptious muffins, savory bagels, baguettes, croissants and rolls. Also warm schnitzel and meatballs or a steamy hot soup. Sweets, fresh milk and dairy products - not to mention fresh fruit - are all here to be enjoyed.

We also take larger orders and deliver these if you wish to invite your colleagues out for lunch. You can refer to our personal in the Mensa-Mobil, or just call us under 06421/296-162.

Mensa-Mobil schedule during the semester break from 16, February until 14, April 2019.


09.40 a.m.    Center for Near and Middle Eastern Studies

10.00 a.m.    Administration Biegenstraße (from 25. February)

10.20 a.m.    Phil Fak (from 4, March until 5, April)

10.45 a.m.     Zentrum für Tumor und Immunbiologie

11.00 a.m.     medical research / botanical gardens

11.40 a.m.     Partikelzentrum

12.00 a.m.     Dental clinic

12.45 p.m.     Nursing school (except for Fridays, then: 10.25 a.m.)

Contact Mensa-Mobil

Markus Semmler

  • Telefon: +49 6421 2825598
  • Telefax: +49 6421 15761