Mensa Vital

Reis, Fisch und gemüse auf einem weißen Teller
What is "mensaVital" ?

mensaVital is a newly developed and protected menu line in the Studentenwerk that was developed from ecotrophologists and cooks according to certain nutritional properties. Every portion of “mensaVital” meals are nutritionally calculated: one portion corresponds to the exact energy allowance of one lunch menu for an adult who predominantly sits during the day. Accordingly, one portion contains a maximal amount of 750 Kcal.

You can find more information on mensaVital here.

verschiedene Kräuter wachsen in Beeten

The special features are:

For mensaVital meals we use fresh and natural ingredients that are carefully prepared to enhance the vitamins and keep the fat content low. All menus are nutritionally balanced, and fried foods are not offered here.

We do not use industrially prepared foods, and the herbs used in out mensaVital meals are always fresh.

And: we use regional produce whenever possible.