Overview of our Canteens and Cafeterias

Whether you need a warm lunch or just a savory or sweet snack - at our Mensas there is something for everyone.

Our Mensas are the central meeting places at lunch time for many students and university employees: here you can get freshly prepared meals everyday - five menus are on offer each day of the week. We also try to use regional products whenever possible.

Health conscious and vegetarian guests get their money’s worth here: we offer at least one vegetarian menu daily, and on Wednesdays this menu is vegan. Furthermore, we offer our MensaVital menu which is prepared with nutritionally and physiologically balanced recipes.

And if there is just not enough time for lunch, no need to worry: cold and warm snacks, savory and sweet - in our cafeterias you can find (almost) everything. And if it’s going to be a late one: in the Bistro at Erlenring and at our Cafeteria Lahnberge you can get a warm dinner everyday.