Illustrated dictionaries for students

  • More than delicious! The "Illustrated Mensa Dictionary" accompanies three students on their daily journey through the cafeteria. It explains food and drinks, the MensaCard, the list of ingredients and regional differences - with illustrations and vocabulary in three languages ​​(German, English and Chinese). The dictionary is intended primarily to help foreign students orientate themselves in the canteen, and it also presents the variety and quality of the canteen. (PDF 1797 KB)
  • From A like pharmacy to Z how to pay - the health dictionary gives general overview information in German and English for foreign students. It is possible u.a. for health insurance, doctor's visit and medical certificate. Facts and vocabulary are explained in dialogues, short texts and scenes on campus: leaflet, transfer, vaccination certificate. The health dictionary of the graphic artist Florian Geppert, who has already illustrated the "Illustrated Dorm Dictionaries", was also designed. (PDF 1792 KB)