Labeling of the food

  • Ein Dessertschälchen, daneben Nüssen und Äpfel
    veganes Dessert mit Nüssen

  • Reis, Fisch und gemüse auf einem weißen Teller
    Tellergericht mit Fisch

Extended labeling requirements of the food offer of community catering

From 13/12/2014, the legal allergen declaration will be extended by a labeling obligation at EU level. Until now the 14 most frequent allergens had to be named exclusively on packaged food, if they were an ingredient of the respective product. Now this labeling obligation also applies to “loose” food and beverages, as they are offered also in our canteens and cafeterias.

How does this label look like at the Studentenwerk Marburg?

The Studentenwerk Marburg labels its products firstly with the numbers 1 to 15 for additives that require declaration and additionally – on a voluntary basis – the ingredients gelatin, pork and alcohol:

1)with food colouring 2)with preservatives 3)with antioxidants 4)with flavor enhancer 5)sulphured 6)blackened 7)waxed 8)with phosphate 9)with sweeteners 10)contains a source of phenylalanine 11)with alcohol 12)with animal derived gelatin 13)with pork 14)genetically modified 15)with compound coating

The numbers 16 to 29 declare the contained allergens:

16)cereals containing gluten 17)crustaceans 18)eggs 19)fish 20)peanuts 21)soy 22)milk 23)nuts and nut products 24)celery 25)mustard 26)sesame 27)sulphur dioxide and sulphites 28)lupins 29)mollusks

These recent declarations will be displayed on the menu on the internet and on the screens directly in the canteens.

What are allergens?

Allergens are different protein structures, which can be found for example in vegetables or food of animal origin. Generally those proteins are completely harmless. However, in case the immune system wrongly develops antibodies against these substances, contact to these allergens leads to strong overreactions of the immune system.

Due to the respective labels, allergy sufferers can inform themselves independently about which of the 14 allergens that require labeling are contained in a dish and thus can compile their own meal according to their personal needs.



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